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Cabot: (501)843-4860 | Searcy: (501)827-4380


Maintenance Agreements

Thank you for considering a maintenance agreement with Stedfast Heat & Air!

Why is it important to maintain my heating & air conditioning system?

If you could see an accident before it happened, wouldn't you want to prevent it? Well, you can. Proper maintenance can foresee trouble within your comfort system long before they become a serious, emergency situation.

Equipment that hasn't been properly serviced tends to be less energy efficient and can work significantly harder. The small price of maintaining your equipment is easily offset by the savings you will see in your utility bills and replacement costs.

Want to save money? Of course you do. Our maintenance agreements make it easy in several ways!

First, regular maintenance keeps your system working at peak efficiency. This leads to a system that runs smoother and uses less energy. So, you save money.

Second, a unit that receives regular maintenance typically lasts longer and needs fewer costly repairs. This way you get the maximum life from your system.

Third, regular maintenance can sometimes lead to the discovery of faulty parts or problems which may lead to larger problems down the road. A regular maintenance schedule will more than likely find these problems before they turn into big ticket repairs.

Further prevention benefits include:

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